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This is a support community for people who have no contact with any of their parents/childhood caregivers* or who are in the process of disconnecting from them. It is for those who have chosen to sever contact themselves and those who have been rejected by their parents/childhood caregivers

*If you are an adoptee/grew up in the foster care system contact with bio parents is fine

1)There will be no ableism, transphobia, homophobia, racism or misogyny or classism here

2)Posts and comments may not be copied or capped by people other than the person who wrote them to any other live journals or communities

3)If you write a post and then feel that it is too personal or has too much Identifying info, you can go back and edit it or remove the text as long as you write in the body of the post that you have done so. Do not delete it as people may find the comments useful.

4)Because this isn't a rage community, but a support community, while it is understandable that you will be angry for yourself and other people please do not use violent imagery or language depicting physical violence to express this as it may trigger others

5)If you do not feel safe joining with your main journal you are welcome to use a fake journal. To do this you need to PM me (prozac_poetry) from your main journal with the name of your fake journal.